The Bane of Every Parents Existence

You’ve heard it, we all have, the tinkling strains, the irritating sound, the monotonous over and over jingling and jangling of the ice cream truck.  I say the bane of a parents existence, because this thing that invades the quiet of the summer calls to children.  It entices them with sweets.  The problem is for the price of one Spider Man pop you can get a box of the same thing, that you distribute not someone who’s hygenic practices can at the best of times be called questionable.  So what do you do?  Do you let the kid get the 2 dollar ice creme? Do you say no all the time?  Do you say yes all the time.  Well we came up with a method,  Amberly wond some money for showing a sheep earlier this year.  Don’t ask I didnt know she was showing sheep but hey it’s all good,  she cashed her sheep check and this is her ice creme money for the summer.  How does it last for the entire summer you say?  Well we have decided that she can get one a week.  Still it doesn’t stop her from asking every time the stupid truck or van as it were drives through the neigborhood. 

Ah well I guess there are worse things to worry about.

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