day one

So I started my first job coaching assignment today, well actually I start the assignment proper tomorrow.  I walked over to NIST and was amazed, it’s a government facility and full of scientists, in fact a physicist or something ended up giving me directions.  When I finally hooked up with the supervisor for the individual we will be coaching, or one of the supervisors, we started our trek to the building in question down elevators, through cooridors, and up elevators.  It was like an austin powers movies,  There was even a room with a, (pinky on mouth,) "Lazer Beam."  I am excited to be starting someting new and to be starting at Rising Hope.  My dad has a job now as well which is great, we are still carless and have to wait and see what God will do to fix that, but we are going to just have to be patient.  At least there will be another check coming in and that is huge for me at this point. 

I have an idea for a logo for the Kids Ministry at Rising Hope.  Let me know what you think. 

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3 responses to “day one

  1. Looks cool, Aaron! We are trying to come up with some stuff for our new ministry too! It’s exciting when you’re basically starting from scratch isn’t it!

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