stupid human tricks

Okay so it’s not really a stupid human trick, but I’m calling it that.  Last night I was going camping setting everything up and then was coming home to pick up the girls and take them out for camping on Saturday.  Then the car decided that it wasn’t going to go any more.  On 270 south, 18 miles from home, and yes dear reader I walked home, all the way home, all 18 miles of it plus the three or so that I walked to get to the gas station for oil.  Now you would think that being on 270, a major highway, where you are not supposed to walk, that one of the many state troopers would see a guy walking down the road and stop.  Yea not so much.  I got passed by at least six cruisers, when I finally did speak to a trooper when I got to the Gaithersburg exit,  he said they probably didn’t want to stop for some crazy bald white guy.  When I finally got home at 5:45 this morning I realized something, when J was telling me to get out and take a walk or someting I don’t think she meant this.  I am so soar, and my feet are swolen and blistered and even bruised but I also realized something, the potential for the Human Body, and the human spirit.  I wanted to see my family, I wanted to get home and so my body was there for me.  Am I paying for it, of course but it was okay because at the end of the trek my family was waiting and my wife was there to take care of me.  Here is the rout that I took.

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So there ya go, comments would be appreciated as would anyone who has a decent car that they are looking to give away lol.

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One response to “stupid human tricks

  1. Oh my goodness!!!!!! Bless your heart!!!! Did you not have a cell phone or someone to come pick you up? That must have been terrible! I’m glad you made it…J must have been worried sick!

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