How far we dare go?

Over the past few day’s I’ve taken time to read some of my blog posts, and also looked at where I have come from and where I was, but more importantly what I was.  I was a very sad person.  Sad not in the way you may think of sad, I dont mean I was sad, although there were times, I mean I was so caught up in things that were supposed to be certain ways and that were supposed to have certain outcomes that I completely left out the people that matter most.  It goes without saying that I was trying to be my own savior, even though I have always said and taught that this is impossible, somehow it didn’t really apply to me, anyway.  that isn’t what matters.  I had made the statment that I would just never work in a church setting again, and yet I am interviewing at a church type thing tomorrow, the second interview no less.  I have been candid with the people involved, it’s not a regular church at all and it looks like I will have the opportunity to build a Superkids program from the ground up if we decide to do this.  I am excited and frightetned all at the same time.  I am just praying for God’s guidance,  I do not want to jump into anything or do anything that will cause problems for any one person.  I still can’t wait to see what God is going to do.   If you do talk to God and shoot a little message about us to Him.  I am also looking forward to possible other interviews, and getting ready to take the plunge into school.

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