Fourth’s and Firsts

Yesterday was pretty cool, I really enjoyed the day.  The family and I spent the day together, a day dedicated to independance,  no year like this year has the thought of freedom really meant as much.  We spent the day getting ready for the Capital Fourth Concert, and the fireworks, we got to see them both in a pretty good way.  Here are a few pictures just so you can get a bit of an idea.

Pretty cool, so to contiue the wow aren’t you cool parents things tonight we are having Amberly’s first official sleep over.  She has one of her little friends over from church.  We brought her home from church and then they both begged to be allowed to have a sleep over.  So now they are.  I read the Bible and prayed with them, J is reading stories.  One of the most intersting parts of all of this happens to be the fact that Z is so very jealous and wants Amberly’s friend to be her friend too.  Not really going to happen, to large of an age difference.  Still you feel bad because you want your kid to be inclueded, even if it is with her own sister.  Mr. Mom is making pancakes tomorrow,  hope it all goes well.

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One response to “Fourth’s and Firsts

  1. That will get better the older they get. My girls are three 1/2 years apart and are finally getting on a more common ground and my little one is accepted amongst my older ones friends when they come over…of course we try and instill that in the older and the younger one too to not leave each other out and look out for each other especially when one doesn’t have anyone. So just wait a few more years and that will get better! Lucky dog on being at the fireworks at the capital! We tried to make it in time for that last year when we went to Washington but didn’t get in town in time. Oh well…someday! Looks like it was great though!

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