Finally Linux Love

So I have to say this.  It’s imporant.  Open source software has become my new defacto favorite for so many things.  For instance I am posting to the blog from a pretty great open source mac program called Qumana I love it much better than mars edit, plus it’s free.  Anything that is free is good, but when it works it’s even better.  Since switching the blog to wordpress I like the categories option.  Well with the other program if I wanted to post to a certain category I had to do the post then log in and switch it from the wordpress manager.  Qumana shows them it’s truly a one stop option, however I’m not here to sing the praises of Qumana. This is a rant and a happy.  If that makes sense.  The rant portion comes from the fact that I really can’t stand Microsoft Operating Systems.  It seems to me that when people are asking to downgrade to the old system there is a problem.  Now they are promising that all the problems with Vista will be fixed in 7 and they are going to charge for the privelege.  One of the reasons I’m such a Mac fan.  I never get any viruses on my Mac,  things just work I love it.  We do however have 2 intel boxes in the house plus the windows xp laptop that J uses.  Notice it’s an xp box, in fact I just put tinyxp on it stable and less space than the other iteration that I have.  The big box we have was giving us fits because of a virus, leave it to Gates even with virus software that was up to date.  So I was redoing it and decided to go open source.  Tried several differnet distros and then remembered gos.  I love this.  It’s like a mac it’s stable and things just work again.  Plugged in my ipod it found it and low and behold it just all works.  So there it is.  I love this disto, It does it all, if I have to run a windows app I can do it in wine, and it’s stable, takes very little space and the 4 gig of ram makes it scream I can edit video yadda yadda yadda.  So for all you out there that are stuck with the evil empire of Darth Gates, become a real Jedi, get a mac or if you can’t do that just gos,

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