The things they say.

Kids are awesome.  Espcially my kids, of course I’m supposed to say that but it’s true after today.  I am looking for some sort of job.  The thing is I really want to do someting that reaches hurting communities.  Lately the idea of being salt and light really appeals to me.  It always should and it always has but more and more I am becoming convinced that many churches have forgotten well many Christians have forgotten that Jesus told us to "Go into all the world."  We have forgotten the demise of the goats, in fact many of us have become the goats.  Still this is a funny blog not a religous rant.  I said all that to say that as we were in the worship part of the service at this really cool ministry the band was playing a really blusey tune durring the offering.  They were a tight band who could rival Jimmy Fallons band on late night.  As we were returning home J said that she thought that I should play the blues more for Zoey.  She said "Zoey really liked the blues"  Zoey chimed in from the back "No I like the Red’s."  Kids are cool, even when they have no clue, they say what they are really thinking and that really is all that matters.  Probably why Jesus said we needed to come to him like a little child. 

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