How Far We Dare Go

Sometimes I wonder, especially when it comes to Evangelical Christians and their belief that they have the inside track on what God thinks and what God wants. They then make it their mission to let everyone know that they are right and everyone else is wrong, or worse yet they pass value judgments and refuse to recognize that some of the things that they are espousing as Biblical truth is merely the interpretation or fabrication of their favorite religious leader/celebrity of the moment.

Having spent some time with my parents this past week (I am actually writing this at their house but will be unable to update until Friday, they don’t have the internet, how do they survive?) it became more and more clear to me how much of a difference there is between them and me, and how much they really don’t and probably never have known me. This time also made me question the validity of my natural birth to my parents as I am light years away from them in beliefs including, but not limited to religious, social, political, and in some cases even moral. Don’t get me wrong I have a moral standard it’s just that as I study theirs more I find that some of the things that they feel about people groups, or political ideology or even Christianity are not based so much in Biblical study, and personal conviction, but in what they are supposed to believe or say.

Last night my dad said yet again that I had left my beliefs behind. The beliefs that I had been raised with, but how does one explain that he or she, in my case he, never really had those beliefs in the first place.

I think my dad has it in his head that because I don’t go to the right kind of church, and because I don’t hold the people that he thinks are great up as paragons of morality and religious truth that I’m somehow less of a Christian, and it’s not just my dad, it’s a whole slew of people who have gotten to the point where they don’t really remember what Matthew 25 says.

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