This Missing

Have you ever lost something? Well about 2 months ago give or take 20 days we lost the dvd out of a case from the library, now this is a tragedy as we get 90 percent of our entertainment from the library. I personally am in the middle of two books that we need to check back out. Only problem is that we can’t take those books out as the fine due to this missing dvd is quite large. We returned the case not the dvd. Yesterday I found it. The DVD. Then forgot to take it back today. Jumped on the Library’s web site and found out they were open till 9 PM.

Some people should not be allowed to be the first line of defense, in a establishment that works with the public at large. Entering the Library I put on my best well shucks we have a six year old and a two year old these things happen face and tone of voice. Now keep in mind I have just the disk. First word out of Pellulahs (names have been changed to keep things on the up and up and to keep any type of ethnic connotation from being misconstrued)mouth is “what this” ” Um it’s a dvd see we returned the case a while ago and we found the dvd yesterday we have a six and a tow year old awe shucks go figure” “you have card?” “Well no but my daugthers name is Amberly insert last name here” “Huhhhhh Okay” At this point I was wondering what was going to happen, still smiled and was ready to launch into yet another apology, at the very least I was ready for some awe yea I understand laughter, yea not so much. “This missing.” Um well it was missing but we found it.” “This Missing” “Yes but it’s not missing now” “but this missing” “not any more” Now see at this point you would think that she would get the idea that I wanted the DVD checked in but she was stuck on the fact that it was missing. Her counter mate was laughing at this point at me I’m sure or at least he situation. I said “well can you check this in” “This Missing” Haven’t we already established that? Finally with a great sigh and a “fine” she checked the dvd in.

So what have we learned? Well aside from not losing DVD’s and aside from the fact that I obviously can’t really pull off awe shucks thing any more, at least not with Pellulah, we learned that some people just shouldn’t be allowed to talk to the public.

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