Long Time

So ends the rants and rages of a man who couldn’t let go of the past, who had issues with himself and others, and who really needed some perspective. The last post to this blog was March 26, if you are a regular or had been a regular reader you probably wonder what happened, where was I. I loved this line from a movie once and well I have always wanted a place to say it so here it is, “I Must Know,” “get used to disappointment” well not really I may share some of my journey but for now I just wanted to let everyone know that I am alive and am back and am enjoying the sun and the family and the new vista’s (not to be confused with that atrocity that Microsoft foisted on most of you my adoring public, as many of you know I’m a mac man through and through) that are open too me. I will be doing some schooling if all gets going the way it’s supposed to, no I’m not looking forward to physics, but who knows I could find some latent talent in that area, and possibly working with J’s school a little if that door opens or with TTLC if that door opens. I’m going to be remaining optimistic and I’m going to take care of what matters.
See you around the blog, and thanks for all who have been sending up communications keep doing it.


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