Play Land

Sitting at play land is one of those things that I do because I know that my kid needs something other than the house, and so do I. Plus I’m a schedule guy if you can believe it. Things should happen a certain way we sit at the same places for dinner, if I’m playing a game that has percentages of things found or tricks learned to be complete I have to do them in order, and Thursday is Play Land day for Z.

Last week when we came they dude at the front counter gave her a happy meal toy because she was cute. Last night she said and I’ll get a toy. I tried to explain to her that this didn’t always happen, that she probably wont get a toy we don’t get happy meals much and thats fine with our kids but wouldn’t you know it the guy at the counter did it again today, gave her a toy she lit up she loved it. I’m glad, it’s nice for kids to be able to still find magic in a my little pony toy. It’s nice that she has this, I would get her one all the time if I could but it’s really not feasible. So she gets a happy meal toy and is happy with it and I get some time to blog and watch her.

It’s funny though she is ready to leave, this after saying “I wish my friend was here.” I can understand her. I have friends but I wish my friends were here too.

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