quiver full my eye

One of the big problems that I have always had has been the slight leftward bend that I tend to view the world through. As you may imagine this does not always set well with people especially religious people or people that hold to some extreme forms of evangelicalism, I have always been an NPR listener and I love living in DC as we have a great npr station that doesn’t just play classical music all day.

This group of people who have decided that the way to please God and spread Christianity is to have a bunch of kids. The one lady that they interviewed had eight and wanted more. Their idea is that God knows how many kids that they can handle so they will keep having them till God shuts her womb or opens it.

Ok so here’s my problem with that. What if you can’t have a kid, does that mean that you are broken, that God doesn’t care. Or what if you can’t have a quiver full as these people say you should? It amazes me the Christians that get the most air time. Instead of talking to a normal every day Christian, who pays their taxes and loves God and goes to work and to church when they can and has friends and isn’t some cook who always talks about the end of the world, or assassinating presidents from other countries, or the evils of homosexuality. Genuine Christians, who see a world that is hurting and in need, who realize that the answer for the problems and sickness is God but who don’t push the agenda of God as much as they are salt and light. Living a life pleasing to God that others will see and want to emulate.

Why must Christians in the Media be equated with people who have a billion kids, or people who home school (not anything wrong with homeschool but why are the families that they show on tv homeschooling always the ones that you wish would just keep to themselves) the people that are so heavenly minded they are no earthly good.

Here’s the thing, if you want to have a load of kids thats fine if you can afford it but don’t blame it on God or use him as an excuse. I believe there comes a point when we must be responsible and use the brain we were given. It’s not fair to pad your numbers with born into it converts, thats not being salt and light thats just procreation for the sake of numbers.

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