Name Change

It strikes me that Aaron’s Rants needed to have a title change. All sorts of reasons but as I was taking Amberly to school today my thoughts turned, as they always do, to the past. Aaron’s Rants was part of the past the man that I was. I had that title while I was a youth pastor, don’t really have a built in audience and the title was such that people in a church setting would read what the youth pastor had to say. Well I’m not a youth pastor any more, and it’s a very great probability that I wont get to be again. A title change seemed in order.

The Blog has been about my thoughts on God and other things. Stuff that happens to my family, stupid human tricks that I do like sledding (check the video blog from a couple weeks ago) and funny stuff that happens at times with my kids.

Hope the name change brings other readers, and if you are one of the regulars let me know what you think. I wish I had a few more comments.

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