The past few days have been like a yo yo for me. I go up to being happy and down to being bummed. You would think after 10 months I would be over it, but how do you get over people that you love and a place that you enjoyed being. I guess you don’t

For years I have thought that Christians that make this big deal about wanting Jesus to come back were useless. So focused on getting out of earth that they forget we are supposed to be doing things while here on earth. There are times that I still think that way. It seems so easy to look at life and say well who cares when the rapture happens I’m out of here. Gets us off the hook. Keeps us from really having to care or look at the harder issues in the world today.

What if though. What if we are wrong, what if there was a big bang, what if all of this is it and once we die we die.

What if though, what if God isn’t what we believe Him to be. What if God set this whole thing in motion and walked away to another project after he found out that we were gonna mess it up?

What if the other religions that we are so quick to say are evil and wrong are right?

Why would I say these things. Well they are questions that I think everyone has. I think a lot of us who have been in the Church and have been Christians, if we were honest, wonder the same thing. I wonder these things especially when I see people from other religions or from no religion at all doing and living principles that we see Jesus living and doing in our scripture. It happens, I know all the answers that we are supposed to give, shoot I have given them. But the more I look at things and process things the more I think that God wants more from us than looking up to the sky and saying hey get us out of here.

See if what we believe is true, and for the record I still believe it, then God came to us and became one of us and was here, yes he knew the reason, he knew what was going to happen, but he had a mission and he stayed till it was finished, I am afraid that Christians have decided that the mission is over without meeting all the steps. I think we have decided that we don’t belong here, and so we have in many aspects shut down.

Guess what we belong here, here was created for us and until God decides to get the extreme earth makeover rolling we need to stop looking for an escape claus and get our hands a little dirty.

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