Too Much To Ask

Back in the day Thursday was known as Daddy Day. The day I spent with my girls. I looked forward to it with great anticipation. It was fun, and I have sorta kept the tradition alive. Thursday is get gas in the car day, the cheapest place happens to be right next to a McDonald’s play land. Every Thursday I get gas at the Exon station and then Z and I head on over to MCD’s We spend 20 on gas and 3 at the restraunt for a sweet tea, 2 hashbrowns and a egg and cheese biscuit that we share. Then she plays for a while and I’m able to blog a bit and look for jobs and work on stuff for my return to school.

I love where we live, there are so many people, different cultures and it’s really cool I like the diversity, however I think that every company that has people that deal with the public needs to be sure that the people in direct contact with the public can be clearly understood and can clearly understand
what the customer is saying. If it takes me 10 minutes to make it clear that I want a $1 egg and cheese biscuit not a $1 something else there is a problem. When the person getting me my food can’t speak clear English it is frustrating. I feel the same thing for those that speak spanish. Where we live there are so many diverse cultures that they need to adapt and be able to serve us all. It’s good to have Spanish speakers, and english speakers and such just know what you are doing if you are fluent in Spanish but not so much with English then get the person that is a clear english speaker for me and serve the guy behind me who is an awesome Spanish understanderer but not so much English.

Too much to ask, probably but it makes sense.

Oh yea, don’t get me started on Tech Support

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