Things that make you go HMMMMM

Some things just really sort of amaze me, and the only real way explain the thoughts is by invoking those old C and C music factory lyrics.

Thing 1, Social networking.
What is a friends list, why does a person have a friends list and what does it say about that person.
I tend to view friends lists and social networking as being a way to keep in touch and in contact with people that I have missed or that I want to keep contact with. I am not a buddy list or friends list whore. Sorry if that language is strong but it fits. I have been going HMMMMMM when it comes to some of the people that have been requesting to be friends not so much with me but with J things that just make me go HMMMMMM.

Thing 2, the jumping off point. I have been a pastor in my life, not any more but I was one. I know ow to prepare and to teach I know how to preach and was pretty good at it for all intents and purposes. So I can’t for the life of me figure out why or how people jump off with what they preach or teach. I know how it happens. Look hard enough and proof text enough and you can make the Bible say whatever you want it to say. So today I have said HMMMMM.

Thing 3, will I ever be able to sing again or enjoy church again. This is a big hmmm and I must confess that as of now I’m guessing that’s a big fat no, but who knows that may happen some day.

Thing 4, people who follow so close behind you when your in the mall with your kids because there is a free fair thing there and the play land is great for about an hour of not being pulled in a million directions and they just keep running into the back of your feet with their stroller.

Just some of the thoughts I have. These things make me go HMMMMM

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