Tonight Amberly asked a pretty strait forward and completely legitimate question. Why did Jesus know that Peter was going to deny him? Not how but why? Now the easy answer is Jesus is God and God knows everything. “But why?” Good question, wish I had an answer. See the longer I live in relationship with God and People, the more I realize that I can see why so many people have such big huge questions when it comes to God. I get the people that say what makes you right and fill in the blank religion wrong, they were trained in their religion all their life just like you, they have a sacred book, just like you I get it. So when Amberly asks why did Jesus know and I say well He’s God and God knows everything and she says yea but why. I can see where she’s coming from and I have to admit that I have no idea. No clue whatsoever and ya know what, thats okay. I don’t need to know nor do I necessarily want to. See the minute we are able to answer all those questions easily is the minute that faith, childlike faith becomes unnecessary, but God tells us to come to Him like a little child, go figure.

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