The height of Grossness

Collections are an interesting thing. Growing up I collected base ball cards, rocks, comic books, music, star wars figures, the list goes on. I still have the comic books, the ball cards are gone. So it is in this thought process that I move to my oldest daughters collection habits.

Rocks, road gravel, grass, leaves, pine cones flowers, barbie dolls books, all kinds of things that are perfectly fine and sometimes just strange get collected, she is of course a pack rat. Remember a few days ago I wrote about “it’s on de window” yea well when I went into Amberly’s room today J was there somehow in the night things got switched up Zoey came into our bed and J went into Amberly’s bed it happens with little girls. So when I got there she asked if I wanted to be grossed out. Then said “Amberly get a wet wipe and take care of business.”

You shouldn’t have to explain the proper collection items and the improper ones. One shouldn’t have to be told that you don’t save things like toenail clippings, and ear wax and of course yes thats right you guessed it boogers, Amberly had a collection of boogers or snot wipes on the wall next to her bed.

Why share this with you gentle readers well i shouldn’t have to be grossed out all by myself. I know that people are reading and so I thought they could go about their day and week thinking and if they have kids wondering where the booger collection is.

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