it’s on de window

the last couple of days have been interesting to say the least, interesting and a challenge.

See we have these 2 kids and as the stay at home primary care giver it gets rather tedious at times. I’m a work person as many of you know if you have been reading for any amount of time i like to work I tie my identity to being what I consider a contributing member. I know I know I’m taking care of my kids bla bla bla, and I love them but I get no time away to appreciate them more, and I am losing it. I can and do feel for that stay at home mom because thats me without the soft mothery bits.

See Guys are supposed to be the hunters the go out and bring it home person so i’m out of my element.

Today was a bad day all around both girls being difficult Amberly started the morning crying and kept it up till she was dropped off Zoey refusing to nap and well this picture says it all.
Photo 9.jpg
That happened to her face when I was out of the room for like 5 seconds.

It’s been a challenge the last few days/weeks.

Amberly is in the dramatic everything sucks for me faze of life and Zoey is just being bad.

Sunday sums it up.

Zoey had a booger in her nose we do our best to get them away from her because well getting them and puting them in a tissue is better than them going in her mouth. As J turned to ask her if she could have the booger Z said no, when J asked where the booger was she said.
It’s on de window, ya know what she was right it was.

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