nine days

wow nine days since my last post. I have had different thoughts as to what to write, different ideas as to something that would go through my thoughts and feelings, posts about other things just different posts and ideas about religion or bible thoughts or kids or whatever.
I guess the thing is sometimes writing things just to write them seems silly, I’m sort of tired of writing the way that I feel especially when it seems that it’s all angst. Thats there but who knows. So I thought I would write something that was funny.

There were 2 snow days here in Gaithersburg and today there was a 2 hour delay. I was floored. There was not enough snow on the ground on Tuesday to make a snow ball but they still had the day off. Yesterday was a bit more understandable mainly because there was so much ice. Still I think things would have been fine for the kids to go. Funny how what people are used to makes them think that a dusting closes things.
I like what the Obama kids said, “but dad in chicago we would have gone outside for recess in this kind of weather.

Ah well it was nice to have our family together for 2 strait days.

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