I have become increasingly annoyed with the religious, a state of being that I fear Christians in general in the united states have slipped deeper and deeper into.

Why do I write this. Well one of the interesting phenomena that I have seen in some Christians in the past few months has been this idea that Jesus was obviously a republican. In fact this has been the hearts cry of most Christian and church leaders for that past eight years. “No wait Aaron, thats not true, no one has said that Jesus is a republican.”

Actions and intent are things that I have become intimately acquainted with in the past months. What we intend and what we do are often times different things, so while most church leaders and religious leaders in general would say it is not their intention to tell a person how to vote or to assign Jesus to a certain party, and while I can get behind that they do it none the less. Take a look for a moment at the chosen political party of the religious right, (an organization that most evangelicals are proud to be a member of,) The republican party has presided the last eight years in our country and they have not in my estimation lived in such a way that would say oh yea Jesus would vote for GW.

1. Weapons of Mass Destruction.
We have to go into Iraq because they have WMD’s, it will keep us safe.
Fast forward to a time when the President is told that he had faulty intelligence and all of a sudden it was to take out Sadam Hussein, and bring Democracy to Iraq. A country and people who have always been a theocracy, with Kings and such. They don’t want to vote someone in God is the one albeit not the God that I believe in but still god. So it’s not possible.

2. Torture. Yea lets water board people. I did some research not a pleasant experience. Oh yea Jesus loves you.

One of the most disturbing things that I have heard was when asked what he will remember most about the presidency it was catching a fish in his private lake. Yea that makes me really proud.

Of course there is the economy which I don’t lay at Bushes feet alone. I believe the Clinton years helped put us where we are. It just seems to me that the current regime seems intent on telling us that they are right and the religious churches and leaders line up because they agree with the conservative thoughts on Homosexuality and Abortion. Meanwhile the leadership is torturing people and leaving the people who are needy out in the cold.

Remember who Jesus distanced himself from. Not the sinners, not the messed up people, in fact the opposite is true he was the friend of sinners.

I believe that Jesus would not stand in our pulpits and say good job, I believe he would not endorse a republican or a democrat because he’s supposed too.

Just a thought I think he would want to say to Christians both in churches and out, in as much as you’ve done it to the least of these (Read messed up hurting sick and wicked humanity) You’ve done it unto me.

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