I have been wondering what restoration really is.  I am not really sure any more.  Several years ago, I did an entire sermon on what restoration was, it was based on this car that my uncle gave me.  See when I was a kid I remember this car very well. It was pretty cool only 1700 or so of them were ever produced in the US.  It was a Saab Sonnet.  

The Past

The Past

That’s what it looked like.  I really loved the car and when my uncle was liquidating all his stuff after his wife passed he gave me the car.  It was not in the best of shape though.  It was messed up.  See it had sat for years and years in a garage and when it did it began to fall apart.  It was then stored in our garage for several years while I stupidly got other things instead of restoring the car.  The thing about it was that the body of the car would never rust out.  It was fiberglass.  It was made to last forever or just about.  Kinda like humanity.  We were made to be eternal, so what happened.  Well while the outside of the car that everyone could see was not going to rust the undercarriage the part that you can’t see was rusting away and not just a little bit, a lot bit, however whenever I looked in the garage it looked fine,  I tried to fix it on my own at one point.  Using wood and spray paint to hold it together.  It would never work.  Fast Forward to 2 years ago.  We finally decided to get it fixed when were were going to move.  I was going to leave it in Ohio to be fixed, and then drive it back after a wedding I was going to be preforming.  We had the guy that was going to fix it come to tow it to his place and when they lifted the car up we found out that there was no possible way for the car to be fixed for less than 2500 bucks, and it would most likely be more, it was going to take a major amount of work and so we decided that we would just sorta drop it we scrapped the thing I think I got maybe a hundred bucks for it from the guy that towed it away.  

What’s this mean.  I wonder at what point God gives up on restoring someone.  I know or at least I think I know at what point humanity does.  We make the decision based on what we think is the most beneficial to our personal comfort or the comfort of the people involved.  If the cost or the comfort outweighs the value of the person then we decide against restoration.  This is not a value judgement for all those reading this that think I’m pointing fingers.  I’m not just saying what I think they think, I did the same thing, or have done the same thing, which really stinks because I know better or should.  Still what about God.  When does his restoration end.  Forgiveness still happens but is there a point where we outstretch our ability to be used in the calling that we used to have.  

I don’t know the answer.  I have come to the realization that I never did really know a lot of answers.

One response to “Restoration

  1. What, exactly, is humanity supposed to restore someone to? What is God supposed to restore them to? Restoration implies that we are not as ‘whole’ as we once were and must be filled up again. This means that any one of us were better in the past, and we should go back to that time. In the meantime, haven’t things changed? Haven’t some things gotten better?

    All too often we are left with a moment in our lives where we wish we could just erase that from our history. That history is part of what makes us who we are, and erasing any moment of it erases who we currently are. It is as if you are saying that you hate yourself. Maybe you do feel that way.

    I remember my mother used to cry and tell me that she was a bad parent. My response was always simple: “Am I a bad son?” By saying that she was a bad mother she was saying that she made mistakes parenting, and these ‘mistakes’ helped shape who I was and who I am. To say that she was a bad mother is to say that she was disappointed with me.

    To ask God (and others) to restore you is to negate who you currently are and those who are there with you. To say you are a bad person or lacking value is to say that God didn’t quite get you right. Yes, we can all make mistakes with what God has given us. Sometimes, things happen to us that are beyond our control. However, God’s calling for us is never in the past as you seem to think when you say “the calling that we used to have”. Used to have? Has the calling left you or have you left the calling?

    God, your family, and your friends still walk with you. Although some of them may wish you’d made different decisions, I don’t think any of them would truly trade the you of today for the you of yesterday.

    Best of luck.

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