Amazing abilities

Today we decided that we were going to head to our favorite grocery store and use the final gift certificates that we had. Instead of going to the one that we knew I thought it would be cool to find one that was closer… Big Mistake. For some strange reason I have this wonderful talent for finding and then driving through / visiting the HOOD wherever we are from. It doesn’t really bother me people are people, however it’s different when you have 2 kids and a wife that you are concerned for. J and I have lived in nice places and not so nice. Rock road and some of the places in youngstown were not that great but when you add the daughters to the mix, daughters that are extremely stubborn and want their own way well it is cause for concern.
Still it was an adventure… albeit one that we are not going to repeat.

Hope all is well with those reading. Enjoy your day and if you think of it send up a prayer, been a difficult couple of days and I just want to get out of it if that makes sense.

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